Server Maintenance Starting Now!

The Maveris Olympics CTF has to go down for maintenance but will be back shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Server Maintenance at 0100 UTC

The server will be conducting routine maintenance at 2100 EDT (0100 UTC) - in about 15 mins. The server should not be down much longer than a few minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Mile 23

It seems the dates for Mile 23 may have been a little backwards making the challenge harder and those looking past the dates found the answer.

Can I blame an intern for this mistake?

Mile 23 Challenge and Flag updated

I can't believe the people didn't check with me before they changed one of their servers. So instead, you have a new server to find, but the same techniques and idea of the challenge exist. At least as of today it is there.

Mile 25 both Challenge and Flag updated

Mile 25 Challenge and Flag updated and is visible again to solve

Reviewing challenge Flags

Since the discovery of a changed flag since our beta test 2 weeks ago. We are reviewing all flags rapidly. Mile 23 has been hidden as a discovered issue with it at this time. If we see any other we will hide the challenge until we get it fixed.

Mile 1 Flag updated! Seems someone changed jobs.

Seems someone changed jobs between our beta test a few weeks ago and now. So the Mile 1 flag has been updated to the correct answer. Our apologies. We promise it was correct just a few weeks ago.


And the race has begun. All challenges should be open. Can you complete all 26.2 miles?