About this CTF

This CTF was created as a part of a team building event for the employees of Maveris, deemed “Maveris Olympics.” The virtual competition was designed similar to the company’s Maveristmas that was conducted in 2020. There was the idea to bring more technological challenges to the events, being that the company is a cyber security company. Rudy, who enjoys OSINT, decided to spearhead creating this challenge. To coincide with the Olympics, it was titled the Digital Marathon and would contain 26.2 challenges.

After creating the challenges and hosting them in a CTF platform put together by Allen Butler, it seemed too nice to just leave for Maveris to enjoy. Maveris Leadership agreed that it should be made available to others to give back to the community. They hope others will get to enjoy the challenges and learn or reinforce some skills while doing it. So, a second server was set up to make the Digital Marathon available to others.

About Maveris

Company promotion info below (be warned)

Maveris is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business working at the intersection of IT and cyber.

We provide thought leadership to drive our customers to the best solutions for their business, and are focused on not simply growing our company, but building a culture of innovation and excellence to provide exemplary service to our customers while maintaining a great work environment for our employees.

If this piques your interest, check us out at www.maveris.com and see our current career opportunities at maveris.com/careers. If you don’t see a specific spot, we are always looking for great talent to join our team so just apply via “find me a spot.”